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Purple - Blue Gradient
Join Wendy and Sadie as the 11 month old pup is introduced to sheep for the first time. There are very few rules enforced because the basics are all that need to be focused on initially. In this video Wendy shows viewers how to initiate the fetch and the stop. 
See Sadie's progress after 7 months of training. 
In this video Wendy helps Sam to learn to stay where she is put before going to work. Sam is light, or sensitive,  to Wendy's pressure so Wendy reacts by being very careful with her pressure and energy. Working with a "light" dog is a delicate balance between disconnecting the dog from her sheep and holding her accountable for the few rules she's learned thus far. 
Purple - Blue Gradient
Today Wendy is in the round pen with Po, a pup who is BURSTING with energy. Things get pretty hectic with such an enthusiastic pup but Wendy helps viewers to understand that embracing the crazy and only addressing a "stop" is all that's needed. More rules will be added down road as Po transitions from frantic clown to a well orchestrated  circus act. 
This is Po's fifth time on sheep. She is learning to stay on "her side" of the sheep - the side opposite of Wendy, the handler - creating balance. Po has also learned to stop when asked and bring the sheep to Wendy as they continue to develop the fetch. Although she is a very energetic pup, having spent some time in the round pen she now is using her energy more effectively. 
Purple - Blue Gradient
The time has come to teach your dog to get around the livestock, here's how to start! This video is focused on the initial outrun, starting from a small outrun with a young pup to achieve the basics. This will be the fundamentals for all outruns as they increase in distance.